Welcome to Unity of Self

connecting you to your mind, body and soul

I am a distinguished, qualified Counsellor, Coach, Supervisor and trainer with nearly 20 years’ experience in these professions. I offer my services to individuals, couples, families and groups.  I am based in South London, but I am happy to offer my services in-house for organisations.

The meaning behind 'Unity of Self'

Connecting with your mind, body and soul is important as all three elements communicate with each other and sometimes we need the time and space to listen to what they are telling us. Unity of Self means living in harmony with yourself.

How will using this service benefit you?

  • Talking to someone could help you put things into perspective and explore different ways of coping with situations
  • Talking can help you to express your feelings and emotions safely
  • Sometimes talking to family members or friends may prove difficult, however, talking to someone independently may be easier for you to express yourself without judgement
  • Talking to help you identify if you need more specialist support and prepare you to acknowledge and accept this
  • Talking for personal growth and development
  • Talking to become aware of and break patterns or behaviours that no longer serve you

From my own experience, as a black female counsellor, I use a culturally and diversely sensitive approach in my work.