Counselling for Couples

relationship counselling for couples

Being in a relationship with someone can be exciting and fun especially in the first stages of a relationship.  Maintaining the excitement and fun in a relationship can be challenging sometimes, especially if the relationship started off being just the two of you and then children come along.

Dealing with life changes on our own can be difficult in itself but when you are in a relationship you also have to consider your partner.  Many relationships break down when there is a crisis or sudden change in the relationship which could be having children, increased workload, losing a job, bereavement - the list goes on.  Unless a solid partnership has been formed and each partner is aware of each other’s needs, sudden changes in the relationship can make or break the relationship leading to infidelity, loss of interest, ill health, arguments, domestic violence etc.

The foundation of a relationship needs to be built; the foundation includes trust, honesty, respect and, most importantly, communication.  During the couple counselling sessions we will explore communication and how the couple listen and respond to each other.  They also give the couple an opportunity to reflect on the relationship and make necessary changes, as we know nothing remains the same.  The sessions also give the couple ‘quality time’ together which they can build on in their everyday lives.  Working as a team in a relationship is also a key component to enjoying long lasting relationships. You don't have to wait for problems to arise. We also offer counselling to couples who are contemplating marriage with pre-marriage counselling sessions.

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