Counselling Young People

specialist counselling for children and the 16-24 age group

I am committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people.  In July 2013, I delivered a personal development programme, which I designed, to young offenders at Feltham Prison. I have worked for several years in an educational establishment and also in Social Services environments with 'looked after' young people.

Being a young person can be very daunting. We have all been children and know how difficult life seemed at the time.  If there is no secure and safe environment or place for the child/young person to feel "listened to" they can feel very alone.

With the increase of social media and other communication and technology so readily available, children/young people tend to isolate themselves directly and indirectly, which makes natural communication i.e. talking to someone, virtually non-existent.  Children are left with feelings and emotions that they cannot understand and don’t know how to deal with them, which could lead to mental health problems and illness.

The extended family network is not as strong as it used to be, so many children/young people may only have immediate family i.e. their parents, to confide in.  Many parents are struggling with their own work-life balance and having the time for children/young people may be limited, by no fault of their own.  Many children/young people that I have counselled have shared with me that because their parent/guardian has money issues or work long hours and are never home that don’t get to talk to them.  Others have stated that they have no relationship at all with their parents for whatever reason.

Unfortunately, some children/young people are estranged from their parents and are either living with carers or on their own.  This can bring up lots of attachment and loss issues which can filter into future relationships that they may have.
It is not just at home that children/young people may have difficulties; school, college and university can bring their own problems for children/young people.  They are not only dealing with their body developing, their identity and self-image but also fitting in, friendships, relationships, bullying and pressures with exams and coursework.

Talking over your problems with someone can really make a difference. Please get in touch to see how we can help.