Counselling for Families

helping families to unify

The family unit needs to be first and foremost a safe and secure place for children/young people as well as adults.  Family counselling can give individual families a platform to talk about issues or problems that they feel are affecting the family and themselves, while being heard. 

Having someone mediate a family counselling session is useful as each individual family member's concern can be channelled through the counsellor for clarification.  Time is allocated to each family member so that they can hear what each other are saying and have the opportunity to respond. 

Change in family structure can also affect the family eg. loss of a parent or child, which can have a massive impact on the family.  Even children growing up and becoming independent also changes the dynamics in the family. Family counselling can help the family move through these changes while preserving and improving the family unit. Responding, negotiating skills and ownership of feelings are also learnt in these sessions.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a counselling session for your family.